About Us

Ultramodern Engineering Limited is an incorporated electro-mechanical company in Nigeria.

As an electromechanical engineers, we understand the complexity of electro-mechanical techniques and this knowledge and experience enables us to design, install products that meet international standard for our client’s needs.

Our teams of technical experts are drawn from many years of experience in the field of engineering.

Over the years, our company built a solid technical work and corporate base necessary for meeting the challenges posed by the future.

We have successfully executed various contracts for companies as contractors and sub-contractors.

We aim that our excellent reputation of ultramodern techniques extends beyond NIGERIA and other African Nations.

Our company, which is the one of recognized electromechanical contractors, incorporated in Nigeria has set out with a vision to be a foremost player in providing engineering services in Nigeria to promote and facilitate qualitative and friendly services to her clients, also committed to realizing this mission professionally, efficiency and effectively.